it’s my soul, it isn’t yours anymore!

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I love Lorelai Gilmore.

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I’m so glad this man is guarding our galaxy

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We were built to fall apart

                                 and fall back t o g e t h e r

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the only legend of korra photoset I will ever need to make

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We’ve been in the same place, for a long, long time. If our hearts go the wrong way, I still know you’re mine. Should we even try to fight it? If our love is trapped in all ways. I know that things have been rough, but when you’re by my side; it’s more than enough for us to make it through the test of time.
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Who do you think you’re talking to?

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SECRET SANTA 2014, atla/lok fanart edition is offically OPEN


As of today, this blog is open for asks, sign ups, etc etc

join us!

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Just relishing in all of the Makorra hugs.

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Thank you for answering my question today. It really helped me! I'm gonna draw a lot more now until I get better! Thank you! :3


No problem!! I’m glad I could help :)

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Favorite AMVs?


Ohhhh man I have many favorites, plus a whole tag devoted to Korra AMVs on my blog. AMVs are kind of my weakness….

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